When the feeling is immaculate

But we’re only at crescent moons

A fall so deep

But the land is not at its hardest.

Not enough crops for the harvest,

But growth is still upon us.

The sun has shone completely

But the warmth is always there

Comparing the best, and experiencing the worst

These emotions we cannot compare.


Defined by the Water

I listen to the wilting water

Creepily breaching to shore

Crawling to my feet

With no boundaries attached.

I see the erosion

And watch it sink to the beds of the dead earth

I see my dreams pass by

Like that beach many summers ago

But with your eyes

Watching me fall shy

I see the hope

That I too can become the waves

That may die someday, but may always be remembered.

What is Unseen

A gust with no direction

Can always be freed.

A lake with no reflection

Can always be seen.

A heart full of fire

Can still be tamed.

A whirlwind of sorrow

Can still be saved.

A concourse of dreams, can never be paved.

Such as nightmares may not be sent to the graves.

Yet the blindness of our fears

Is what extinguishes the tears

The parallel waves of history

Is what inclines ourselves

Through the fogginess of mystery.

The Light and Darkness of Me

To see the light

Is to experience the darkness.

To witness the beauty of positivity

Requires the visions of negativity

Brightness and blackness correlate

How love ignites, and hatred consumates

You may open and close the door,

But connected to you is your valor.

I admire the sun, and relinquish the moon

But to feel their powers, is all there is to do.




We have other worlds within us

And dimensions inside ourselves

With omniscient windows

And interpersonal perspectives.

We have our own friends and lovers

Bestilled in us, levels of significance

Auras of emotion, fulfilled by benevolence.

When we asks ourselves who we are,

It’s all from surreal views

Ghosts of a chance.


Today, I saw the sunshine

Enormous and yellow

Boldacious but mellow

And it forever warms my face.


Today, I saw the sunshine

And it lit up my heart

Yet, a warmth, a different part

Because this heat is your face.



A crescent moon

Mildly dimmed

Like half of my heart

When it’s blown out from whim

And on nights most grim,

We stare to remember

Like a blackbird’s last hymn

We still yearn to discover.

A full moon

Bright as your most treasured moment

But dissipates as long

As dreams meet your bestowment.

And on days most lingering

Waiting for synapse

The tides balance out

From relapse to collapse

A new moon

Black as your hardships

But as powerful

As your future glimpse.

The Sudden

To live is to be heavy

Struck by grief

Shocking disbelief

The closest to you leave

Just like the seasons

And uncontrolled by you

Are the reasons

Like a new year’s start and end’s first frost

Change is the terms all must come across

Results unknown, afflicted at no cost.

But at the brisk of it all,

The burden on my shoulders

The unexpected makes you feel most alive.

The Stars Above Us

The stars caress me to sleep

And they shine when I weep

But I move the stars for nobody

My inhibitions are just too deep.


The sky is limitless just like our fears

From the much too eerie to the ones most dear

But I move the cosmos for no one

For the way we gravitate, constantly unclear.


Space is to gracious for all who can see

Vacuous like the souls that inhabit it so gracefully

Though we move the stars for no one,

To each our own, we all believe free.

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