Lover’s Dice

Fool her once,

She’ll slip you inside

Admire her twice,

Out comes the serpentine.

Rose petals shed

As distilled love

Retires to bed

And the moaning

Becomes faint whispers

Of forgoing acrimony.

Taught me not to cry

Taught me to never rely

Just like regal sacrifices,

We must slice and splice

To be content

It’s lover’s dice.


Intangible Enlightenments 

Oh, the sweet smell of success

After a hard day’s strife

May it linger on everafter

Throughout the course of your life. 

May fortune prosper

And mellow your austere 

And follow what you cannot see

For dreams are intangible, 

But they will always be free. 



If slow is the way you go

Then stop jumping over the cliff

Of heartbreak.

If life for you is much too fast,

Then you’re not soaking the pleasantries.

Prefrontal Cortex


Up around the bend


Social construct

Man’s best friend


From all the cold

In such a heated world.


Because who you are to me

Couldn’t possibly be who I am to you.

The One Who Got Away 

The one who got away 

Succumbed to times torture 

Of not being what could have been

But no use in encompassing 

The possibilities of a assumed whole

But nevertheless inevitable 

To forget the chance. 

The Night That Still Haunts 

Those nights you occasionally regret

Are the darkest of the dark

It’s dark to even look back 

And attempt to change what was so wrong.

Yet they are as special as the warmest nights.

For the memories never fade away.

A different purpose they are,

But all as equally omnipotent. 


Write something beautiful

From an embellished heart

Tears from blood, risk, and experience.

As your essence shines through light paper

You will be beloved

For your work

And undefinable grace.

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