The Night That Still Haunts 

Those nights you occasionally regret

Are the darkest of the dark

It’s dark to even look back 

And attempt to change what was so wrong.

Yet they are as special as the warmest nights.

For the memories never fade away.

A different purpose they are,

But all as equally omnipotent. 



Write something beautiful

From an embellished heart

Tears from blood, risk, and experience.

As your essence shines through light paper

You will be beloved

For your work

And undefinable grace.

Modest Girl 

An unrewarded trophy 
A surprised not bothered by many 
More secrets than answers
A waste of time by most 
Lust reserved by fabric 
Only to be shown 
 By the most deserved
Open but constrained
In society’s vile cave 
A shadow by the bold 
But a sun by the mindful old

Mother Nature Called

So I acquired the seasons 

And conjured a plan 

To listen to the prayers 

Of better days.

I rain on the bitter and shine on the better.

So you think. 

I reign on the unpredicted 

Planned is not the course I coil

I gain ferociously yet peacefully

All so I may not be forgotten. 


I could cure the world of all your fear

my dear

But sacrifice and sacrilege can save the day

I hear.



A divine intervention

Darkness over brightness

Something so rare and genuine

in the form of nature

Yet a phenomena so common

From the people we speak.


Have you found the key 

The enlighten my life

Or perhaps you just locked it

For all vanity to yourself?

I have it anyway,

For I love others more than my own self

In distraught, and in posterity. 

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