Have you found the key 

The enlighten my life

Or perhaps you just locked it

For all vanity to yourself?

I have it anyway,

For I love others more than my own self

In distraught, and in posterity. 

All Else Defied Us

It may be the lack of closure

The inner mystery

Of what could have been

You told me there was a connection

The stars aligned somewhere

But all else defied us

Was that a calling

Or was it a test

To try now?

Trapped Under The Heart



Into the underwater abyss


But the currents

Heading back up is just

Bringing you down

No where to run or hide

That is

Trapped in a forbidden love.

To Learn is to Give

To bestow knowledge onto someone,

Like a vague philosophy

Or a detailed experiment

Or perhaps trivial

Or colloquial

Is truly

The greatest gift

From Gods, Lords, or anyone

Grateful for our greatest power.



The One Who Could Have Been

We all have had

A one who could have been.

And we all wonder what it would be like

With the one who could have been.

But, the one one who could have been

Is not the one who would have been.

Such is the beauty

Of insight.

The Power of Hands 

Not often do we fall in love

With the power of hands. 

For hands control so much 

Of what we are as human.

We see the work they provide 

Through our very own eyes

But when two hands clash together 

And create something ominous,

I can’t help but flutter. 

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