The most powerful sense

Is that of taste

To each their own

And it’s own for all.

Physically, mentally.

Tangible and intangible

What we taste

Attracts each other

And our own distaste




Warning: This poem contains language that may be NSFW



Scrambled eggs

Where to go

What to do next.

Who are our believers

The Talkers or the Bleeders

The government’s a paradox

They forget us but they fuck us.

Use us, rape us,

The susceptibility, inevitable.

Consuming all we grow.


Prefrontal Cortex


Up around the bend


Social construct

Man’s best friend


From all the cold

In such a heated world.


Because who you are to me

Couldn’t possibly be who I am to you.

Terms and Conditions

My worth

Is much more beyond my salary

A few extra calories.

My patience is an everlasting stream

My kiss is a true man’s dream.

Loyalty so regal

But mend me, it shall be lethal.

Modest yet mysterious

Expectations sometimes delirious

I never said perfection was obtainable

But my contributions should be reciprocal

And if you cannot see through such rigid lenses

Then perhaps your worth is not worth my time.


Peaks and Holes

What’s a plateau if it’s not flat?

What’s a mountain with no peak?

We can ask ourselves these to answer

Such questions.

What’s a person with no heart?

What is love with nothing in return?

What’s an achievement without any pride?

Just like the ground with which we walk,

We were blessed to be here.

Every Day Has A Line

What’s today’s story?

a defeat or a glory?

What’s today’s path?

An act of peace, or an act of wrath?

What’s today’s sign?

And how does create the line,

Of success?



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