Opposite Reactions

I see red flags

But they’re bright as the sun

Sometimes the unexpected

Can be the most fun.

I’ve cried and I’ve laughed

But in ways, they’re the same.

A reaction is a contraction

Poison to the pain.



Like a hearth with no fire


Like a shock to the mind


But a war can start in your head

Fixed on the good ol’ times

Starving for reasons behind the lies

But you can’t because those people are dead

To you.

But know that you’re not first

Honey there’s more to thirst

They ain’t worth your forgiveness

Too much kind-heartedness

Jealous of the independence

Unenthusiastic about what’s next.

By my mind is insatiable

Desirable, addicting.

And you can be a demon among the rest.

But playing with someone’s chords,

Breaking them, ruining the tune,

Is beyond crude in anyone’s juncture.

May it puncture

As a dark eclipse over the moon.

Temporary Break

Hi all,

No this isn’t a poem, this is an actual message. Sorry to disappoint anyone. I have decided to take a break from writing, hopefully a short one, but we’ll see. I’m hoping for a few days. I have recently lost some motivation to write at the moment. I am undergoing a lot of emotions, mostly frustration, and I don’t want MY emotions to be the basis of my work. I don’t want my raw feelings to be the influence of pieces. My poetry is inspired by my mind, however it is a universal voice, not my own. When I feel emotional I tend to change that and make it solely my own pity party. I’d rather spare my audience that and spend some time contemplating what has happened and write privately.

I will never understand people.. and how they analyze priorities.

I do have a lot of projects going on at the moment. You can catch me on Ascerblog.xyz, I will be writing there, as well as Zathom.

I do appreciate the recent upbringing of new fans, and rest assured I will return sooner rather than later.

But for now, I hope each and every one of you realizes how important you are, not just to me, but to yourselves.




Can You Relate?

Can you relate?

When a full night’s rest

Becomes a thoughtful arrest,

Over encumbered with how tomorrow will go

That it twists into a solemnity of slumber.

Can you relate?

When an eventful bliss

Becomes the hardest moment you miss

Lack the aftermath, a knack for wrath

Can you relate?

Trying to forget what’s going wrong

But you can’t because of that same song

That sweet scent, or that special word.

I relate and I dilate my conscience

No matter what it won’t make any sense

So I digress

But still progress.


A Dreamer’s Web

A dreamer’s web

Is endless and glorious

Seamed seamlessly with detail

Gleamed senselessly with glare

Inevitable to stare

At the beauty and charm.

Such is the essence

Of a hard worker.



Sometimes I get the sensation

Of you being jaded

But oftentimes it’s my implication

Of being too jagged.

Not enough hints and too few of clues

What’s the fine line of independence

And paying one’s dues?


To Give and to Need

I’d give you the world, if I could,

The clothes on my back, if I could,

Tell you all the knowledge in my head, if I could,

Sell you all I own, if I could,

Share all of my secrets, if I could,

Show you all of my places, if I could,

Give you all my attention, if I could.

I could, but it’s not necessary,

Because all you need is my

Eyes and my ears.


What You Can’t Do

The words you can’t say

You worry about the timing

You overthink that they’re lying.

But you feel what they have said.

The thoughts you can’t convey

You get stuck in the fog

Forget what’s right and what is wrong

But it’s understood through your eyes.

The emotion you can’t process

Because it’s too much you obsess

Over the why and how it all connects

But that is just how the truth feels.


Guardian Angel

She wrote your name on a note

a curling cursive connotation

— deliverance undeciphered.

Conjured you out of air

from the vessel of a soul

wakened from sweet slumber.

Skin warmed by her touch

and flushed with new life–

mercury rising.

A hero heartbeat thumps,

strong enough to kick start and charge–

guardian angel benefactress.


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