Life = Short

As we get old,

We become more wise

And as we lay and die

We forget to despise.


The Way They Look

The gifts, the flowers,

the reminiscing showers

of affection

Are not all what it takes

To be the dearest.

It’s about the way they look.

Parallel eyes

Marveled and disguised

With hunger but everlasting


Spirit of the Lynx

Catch the tiger

Sneaky prey

Out comes good ol’


Lynx again.

With its hunter gather eyes

And it’s nowhere to run growl

You better watch yourself now

Or else you’ll be just dinner



Modest Girl 

An unrewarded trophy 
A surprised not bothered by many 
More secrets than answers
A waste of time by most 
Lust reserved by fabric 
Only to be shown 
 By the most deserved
Open but constrained
In society’s vile cave 
A shadow by the bold 
But a sun by the mindful old

A Dreamer’s Web


A dreamer’s web

Is endless and glorious

Seamed seamlessly with detail

Gleamed senselessly with glare

Inevitable to stare

At the beauty and charm.

Such is the essence

Of a hard worker.

Mother Nature Called

So I acquired the seasons 

And conjured a plan 

To listen to the prayers 

Of better days.

I rain on the bitter and shine on the better.

So you think. 

I reign on the unpredicted 

Planned is not the course I coil

I gain ferociously yet peacefully

All so I may not be forgotten. 

The Tragedy of Money

The green machine’s come

To chop my work away

The new iffy spiffy tangible I need

Eats my green for me.

The dirty dog who supports my addiction

Gives me half the green I utmost deserve

For work so hard earn so little

Says the little man who needs the most.


I will miss the everlasting planes

Of discovery and imagination

As suddenly and steadily

The dreams of what is not

Come into fruition


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