The Stars Above Us

The stars caress me to sleep

And they shine when I weep

But I move the stars for nobody

My inhibitions are just too deep.


The sky is limitless just like our fears

From the much too eerie to the ones most dear

But I move the cosmos for no one

For the way we gravitate, constantly unclear.


Space is to gracious for all who can see

Vacuous like the souls that inhabit it so gracefully

Though we move the stars for no one,

To each our own, we all believe free.


The Warmth of War

The various orbs of sunshine

Ominous yet oh, so divine

Grasping the warmth

On days most needed

Yet devoiding the glow

On mornings ungreeted.

The rays soak beneath me

Insubordinate life flying free.




Ashes in the Ocean

Forgotten friendships

And passing courtships

From where do the remains go?

Staring at the sea

Ripples of time

A barrier but a beyond

Like this endless life of mine.

Chapters come to a close

Unlikely decisions I come to impose

And yet I remained surprised by those

Who decided to end their parts so early

Mortality inevitably ends

But the choice is ours

To patch our current mends.

And like the waves of the deep

The burdens rock back and forth in my sleep.

Thus I toss my mind into the sea

Departed for me, but forever they live beneath.

Perception Plague

A bouquet of roses is pleasant at a time

But what happens when there’s betrayal?

Do you accept the thorns and wither away

Or do you seek the sympathy portrayal?

Tension wrecks the most of us

But where’s the motivation?

The bickering, the aching, the fucking,

But where’s the communication?

I abandoned ship years ago

And now my journey’s plaguing

The jigsaw pieces don’t add up

For the picture is constantly changing.

The waves, conclaves,

Stagnant yet out of place

Just like human growth

-Quenched up

Ready for fire.



Love Like Bergamot

The way we sway

Sensually warming

Synchronized simplicity

But complexity forming.

Is it love? Is it fate?

Too soon? Too late?

Whatever cause determinates

We long for the warmth anyway.

Like sweet bergamot,

Bursting bloom

Where will this “love” go?

Cycles of Your Head

Like a split end

All one within the same

Divided into two

Just like me and you.

Separated but united

Unopposed yet invited

Then, pull back into duo.

How the waves rage and rest,

Companionships are but a test

To envision how far the cycle can go

Based on the size of your ego.


The Warmth of Another

The sweet scent of springtime flowers

Savory like delectable red wine

But as some prefer the warmth of the solstice sun

I prefer the physical warmth of another.


Though gentle, blazing rays the sun provides

Illuminating yellow in a sometimes distant dawn

But the sensation of you is more appealing

And more tempting when you’re gone.


And as mountains come before me

Amassed as shelters from the storms

Forevermore I prefer the cloak of your arms

For nature and affection juxtapose in varying forms.

Brink of a Storm


The wise are unafraid of

The fearful dread of

But the visionaries dream of.

The enlightenment of senses

Its brew produces unto me

The captivity of brightness

The swiftness of lightning

At times, to fast to even capture

Like a photograph too soon,

The shadows are more vivid than the vision itself.

Every day is a phenomenon

So rather hide, we must embrace

The beauty it invigorates.



Fire and Fear

Fire does not scream

There is no anguish or repent

It is fear itself

That dances around your head

Jogging the thought of eruption

Awaiting for you to be dead.

I yearn for the fire

For the brightness to reach me.

For the warmth to caress me

At last, to set my cold heart free.



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