Month Update

Hi everyone,

A month ago today, I began the process of writing and posting poetry daily. I’m usually not the most motivating person and I didn’t think I would get this far without stopping. Honestly, I would not have if it weren’t for you. 

Everyday I see people from all corners of the world reading my work. As of today I have 46 followers. Although that may not be a lot for some, that’s 46 more people that I wouldn’t have expected to follow my stories. And for that I’m so grateful. 

I am my hardest critic. You folks provide me the fun and pleasure that writing poetry was meant to give me. I’m far from stopping. More to come in the future for sure. But I think it’s important to reminiscence why I continue to do this. 
Sometimes it’s hard. I work one and maybe soon, two jobs. I have a big family, a boyfriend. But I always prioritize and making sure I write something everyday. Some things I’m not the most proud of, but I can go back and say I did it. Some things I wasn’t fond of, but some of those pieces ended up being my most popular. I am working on being more confident in my work. 

Wherever you guys are reading this, I hope you have a great day/night. And I hope somewhere in my site, you can find motivation to write something yourself.




First Week Thank You

Hey folks,

I started this blog a week ago, and honestly, I didn’t expect it to go anywhere.

I’ve been committed myself strongly to writing every day and posting at least one of my poems.

I didn’t expect anyone to actually read them.

For those who did, I want to say thank you, and thank you to the followers I have already gotten. I had really low expectations I suppose. But you were one of the reasons I have been working on this so much.

I just wanted to take time to say these things, because it has been heavy on my mind. It’s so surreal seeing people from different parts of the world taking a minute or two from their day to read something you wrote. I appreciate it immensely.

Peaceful dreams,


Welcome – First Blog Post

Hey folks,

I’m a twenty-something year-old New Englander who’s trying to enhance her passion.

I started writing frequently when I was ten. My grandmother, a life mentor, a genuine, kind women with a heart like a vase of flowers, had died. My mother, for reasons I will never know, encouraged me to write something in her honor.

I wrote a poem with a lot of nature and personification. the whole room was shaken up, but I don’t know if it was how i presented it, my words, or the fact that I was a kid. Yet, I’ll never forget that day. I’ve been writing ever since.

My main focus is poetry. I enjoy expressing feelings onto paper and words becoming an art form. the possibilities are infinite.

I would like to make poetry more of a practice and not just a boring unit in grade school English classes. Poetry can be therapeutic for people, like myself.

I made this to not only just post my work, but to hopefully influence some of you and create your own craft. Maybe my words can somehow affect you in a way no one, or nothing else can.

Peaceful dreams,







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