Everyone Has a Film

A moment with you

An unforgotten photograph

The reel of it all-

I cannot watch again.

Iridescent, your emotion

The rawness construes

But to envelop with you

I haven’t a clue

What music orchestrates through.


Welcoming the warm embers

Of succumbed disassociation

Permeating pores of vitality,

As one day, I too

Will meet the eyes of spirituality.

Sequential loss of concentration.

As frosted tips of willows brittle

Heat from homely hearth crumbles

I wholly incline to propose

What is an illusion,

And what is to believe?


How vivid, vivacious

Miniscule portals of our eyes

We so often serenade

How lifetimes are so limited

But speckled shine of the pupil

Stays immortal.

Another dimension, another world

But just one glance

And you’re alive once more.

For Those I have Met

I will always love you

The meaning of you

From enigmatic eyes

Shadows the green, brown, and blue

To synchronized gaits

As time stands unravelling

The depths of misconstrue

That acknowledge your name.

I value you

Who you want to become

Until who you forever were.

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