Before you hang up

Your tarnished coat

Remember that not all days

Are meant to be warm,

For the intrusive cold

Shivers me the reminders

That I am more alive

Than all the days before.



I couldĀ  search for stardom

Feed on those lesser

Snicker at all others who regard him

But to starve for love

Is the highest martyrdom.


I’ve been punctured

by a swarm of genocides

From my mind.

I run through the flowers

But to all which have decayed

Not a chance to whisper at their beauty

For their demise was too quickly timed.

But not those who fade are forgotten

And not those forgone have fallen.


Every loss

Leads to a life’s new treasure

Every struggle

Leads to a new muscle on my brow

And as I yearn to fall on cliffs of darkness

I find comfort

In turning the pages seeking lifelong leisure.


Quick Thank You Post

Hey all,

Today I reached 200 followers and I wanted to express my appreciation for this platform and to all of you.

2019 has already been quite promising and I hope you can all stick for the ride and anticipate for new content within the coming months.

Thank you all so much,



History always starts

With a little bit of controversy

Chapters end

From too much consistency

My pages end

From the same old tendencies.


You must forgive me,

My demeanor is not opaque

The reflections of myself

Require another take

Not upon visual aspect

Effervescent shakes

The divinity of my luster.


Present Tense


Living along the current


And I’m still ambivalent

How succumbed I am

Towards the present

Time can stand still

When ignorant we are

Towards our own will.

So how must the grass grow

If the world is on fire?

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