Have you found the key 

The enlighten my life

Or perhaps you just locked it

For all vanity to yourself?

I have it anyway,

For I love others more than my own self

In distraught, and in posterity. 


A daily reminder of failures

Cannot determine a day of success.

For a person whose beliefs

Are in their own world

Can not instill

Onto the rest.


All Else Defied Us

It may be the lack of closure

The inner mystery

Of what could have been

You told me there was a connection

The stars aligned somewhere

But all else defied us

Was that a calling

Or was it a test

To try now?


You may not mean everything to me

Our hands never clenched together

To reach such a point

But everything you taught me

All the things you showed me

Mean everything to me

As a person.


We all fall

When we have gone too deep

When the time is just not right

We fall

When we expect

What was to be expected

When monsters jump

Unguarded, at us.

Yet, the true test

In this difficult arena in life,

Is how to get back up.


The List

Nothing’s what you thought it would be

But that’s the way life goes

For a life with a planned queue

Is not living at all.


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