But to whom

The air, the sun, the mouth of another

The dreams, the trees, the exalts from mother

The problems, the serenity, significant other

Elephant in the room

Is you

Finding out what’s true

Reading minds

But can’t tell time

Attempting to be kind

But you just can’t find the signs.

People are people

For they cannot be heard

What I energize from you

Could possibly be absurd

But to dig

Rather than read

Is what’s best

For the sake of me.


Forever To Come At Me

People get jaded off me quickly

Because I become attached so swiftly

My heart expands quite slightly

And I instantly feel the intensity

It’s too much for them allegedly

And they leave me so smoothly

While I cry so softly

I just want forever to come at me.

Statue Got Me Feeling

What do we do

When we capture the essence of someone

But there’s nothing there?

We steal their innermost imperfections

To meld them into gold

But there was nothing inside?

We anticipate a hallelujah

But lest, a reaction more so negative

What you found was a statue

Staring, discrepancies stuck inside

Cold but poignant upon the lighting

Memorable at least, whatever they were fighting.


The Holes in Our Hearts


-A blue lagoon

-A crater

Lost sand dunes.

Be who you be if you’re leaving with me.

See what you see so you can share it with me.

A marred face

-Pile of ripples

-Those extinct

Forbidden temples.

Existed but no longer are

Persistent scars.


Get Off the Chair

A weakness towards

An unpredictable future

Is a craving for

Undeniable adventure.

Fear for tomorrow

Is a fear of life

Unable to grow

A lack of strife.




Even Exchange

I give you time

In exchange

Something to write on the way home.

You give me ease

In return

A night that can’t be forgotten, keep trying.

A sickness in my stomach

We both have

To compensate for the points we don’t wish to share.

A flutter of bliss

What I get back

A disposition to not keep going, without a care.


Physical Intimacy

I can give you my lack of faith

You can have my lack of reason

Take all of my clothes with you

Since they smell like you anyway.

You can have the air I breathe

Since you’re making me gasp for more.

You can have my stress from furthermore

Since I can’t think straight from your touch.

You can have your way with me

For I found the way into you.

I can be a puppet

Shakespearean sonnet

Do what you want with it

I’ll move along with it.

You can call me closer

You can wash me away

Physical intimacy

What we do, not what we say.


Anticipation of Reminiscence

Night after night

Or in a single day

I dream

For the courage to say

My innermost struggles

My in-the-moment puzzles

To someone.

Someone who won’t open or close any doors.

Someone who won’t blink or dilate my thoughts

Someone who won’t drench or drown my ship.

Just a soul with a blank state of mind

Not too dramatic, perhaps not too kind.

I rest easy assuring the inevitable will arrive

I await patiently for the kind-hearted, I know my thoughts will survive.

Grudges will pass

Memories do last

Decisions are fast

One should not overthink the unpredictable

So I shan’t reminisce the once was breakable.


Go With the Flow

There’s no such concept

As soul searching

No such realness

As the truest love

People are people

And hearts just pump and go

So risk take

Forget the norms

And go with the flow


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