I regretfully decompose

Into nighttime’s transitional abyss

Traditional fears apparent

Like overhanging wires

Inevitable towards face

Shame’s infamous place

Slowly rhythmic

Through adrenaline’s threshold.

Dreams, premonitions, visions

I question to behold.

And yet, instantaneously

A finger tap, a button press

An interdimensional flip


Born again

Into the alleged reality gate

A return into normalcy

Until the body retreats

Into the sights we truly

Cannot see.




mistakes are fundamental

As weakness is detrimental

To chameleon the change

And to foliate the leaves

of thoughtful trunk


Time Lengths

Welcomed into this world

But can never replicate

We’ll leave this world unannounced

But nevertheless cannot return

An irrevocable cycle

In this inevitable agenda.


The measurement

Of a heartbeat

Is the distance in which

We can reach

Into the delicate depths

Of your stirring soul.



To be free

Is to not overcome anxieties

But to clasp them

Between vulnerable, marred hands

Thus, the tools of our priorities.



Like umbrellas in daylight

The only sense of control

Are the rules you cultivate.

Better Left Unsaid

My composure is of gentle wisteria

Crippled from unrequited hysteria

Pacing with slight momentum

Grace holds my secrets before them

Oh, if no filter were to be had

The Earth would shift rotations

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