True Feelings

Reluctant to trust

Yet simple to control.

Strict in falling in love

Yet unforgettable to sense.

Impossible to forget

But the best are easy to forgive.



A day of remembrance

A day of love

A day of enchantment

A day to grow

A day of desire

For the future

A day to laugh

About the past

A day of extra chivalry

A day of synchronized energy

A day beyond all other days

Yet one like all the others

At the same time.

Stops and Starts

Stopping is merely another way

To start anew.

Starting is an act from stopping

What once was.

A cycle that can never be condemned

Inevitably again.

Life is but a gear of

Stops and Starts.

The Night That Still Haunts 

Those nights you occasionally regret

Are the darkest of the dark

It’s dark to even look back 

And attempt to change what was so wrong.

Yet they are as special as the warmest nights.

For the memories never fade away.

A different purpose they are,

But all as equally omnipotent. 

Wont for Want

We all want what we can get

In an Earth so big, yet so small

For our needs.


We all want the best for each other

In a world with many resources

For little use.


We all have dreams that are wondrous

Yet so far to reach, many obstacles,

And a lack of peace.

Inside Ourselves

If spirituality is within us

And exhales to all

If knowledge is stored within us

And shared to all who seek

If bliss is what we attempt to reach

And is bestowed upon the accompanying

Then God, in any form

Is within all of us

Fall Follies

As the leaves change

To incandescent colors

My feelings for you

Remain estranged.


Colder weather takes a stroll

As we both search for warmth

Yet the warmth is among us all along

Unabridged, Slowly passing its toll.


The nights shelter longer

And so do our doubts

But under the blankets in the nighttime sky

Our beating hearts swelter, stronger.



Write something beautiful

From an embellished heart

Tears from blood, risk, and experience.

As your essence shines through light paper

You will be beloved

For your work

And undefinable grace.

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